17 October 2012


Below given are the DO’S while trading in nifty
1.Always deal with the market intermediaries registered with Sebi/Exchanges
2.Provide complete and correct email address and mobile number while opening                   trading / demat account.
3.Trade wisely ,create your own trading strategy depending upon the conclusions drawn from the various sources.
4.Insist on a Contract Note for every trade....
5.Constantly scrutinize your trades and see if there is room for improvement
6.Be cautious about stocks, which show a sudden spurt in price or trading activity, especially low price stocks.
7.Be informed that there are no guaranteed returns on investment in stock markets.
 Below given are DON’T’S while trading in nifty
1.Too down on yourself about losses, and don't get too high about your gains.
2.No matter how good you are, you will  have losing days and losing months.
3.Don’t deal with unregistered brokers/sub-brokers, intermediaries.
4.Don’t fall prey to promises of guaranteed returns.
5.Get carried away by any advertisement issued on financial commitment, returns
6.Blindly imitate investment decisions of others who may have profited from their    investment decisions or invest in good faith even from people whom you know
7.Don’t   allow any person to take investment decisions on your behalf.