25 April 2013


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Nifty was up 79 points to 5,916, its highest closing level since 11 March 2013. The index hit a high of 5,924 in intraday trade. The index hit a low of 5,853 in intraday trade. The last bar or the candle on the end-of-day chart suggested that our market had been anticipating some kind of an upsurge tomorrow and that was the reason why it had such an intensity to pull itself up towards the close of the last session. In all likelihood, we are going to see a strong buying intensity around the time of opening....
However, this is more in line with our expectation since we have been anticipating a short term top by today. Coming to the specific levels, initially, we ought to keep a watch over 5890 through 5920 range, which is quite capable of bringing in supplies of stocks to put a halt to further upward march. In case, it succeeds to get past the above zone it is likely to face some resistance. However, the major problematic supply zone is located between 5940 and 5970.
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RESISTANCE:5900,5950, 5980
SUPPORT:     5850, 5830, 5800


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