21 June 2013


Buy Nifty 5600 call @ 75 tg 101,130 sl 44
The market gained in three out of five trading sessions. The market dropped for the 3rd week in a row in the week ended Friday, 21 June 2013.  Nifty fell 140 points to 5,667. In case, we see a recovery on Monday  session—we need to watch out for taking out the levels between 5680 and 5700 as the first critical range to suggest that the intraday upswing can continue further. it seems we are going to see the Nifty opening around anywhere between 5620 and 5650...
Within the stated range the level of 5690 could well act as a strong resistance level for the day.Once the Nifty crosses 5710, we need to see if it gets past the next supply zone between 5730 and 5750.
We need the Nifty to sustain above this zone to expect a lasting recovery. Our understanding is that, any pullback now would not, most likely, get past 5800 – 5820 mark.

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 RESISTANCE:5680, 5720,5760

SUPPORT:     5670, 5640,5610


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