12 July 2013


Sgx nifty also known as a Singapore Nifty involves taking position in the Singapore Exchange on Futures contracts . The Futures contracts settlement is based on the NIFTY settlement price in the Indian stock exchange NSE. This given international investors based out of Singapore the flexibility of betting on Indian markets while not having to setup or register the entity with the Indian authorities. Also since the trading time on SGX allows for 24 hour trades via after market trades , investors can hedge the bets all the time. This market is important for Indian markets as it traded even during the time that our markets are closed...
Due to this a lot of traders follow this to check how the Indian indices will open. The derivative contract size of each sgx nifty contract is worth equal to 0.5 index price moments. The contracts which are available trading can be divided into 2 kinds i.e Monthly contracts and Quarterly contracts . Most of the volumes is concentrated in the month contracts. Normally the monthly contracts are available for the 2 serial months e.g in the month of November , trading can happen in November Contracts as well as december contracts. The quarterly contracts of sgx nifty are March, June, September and December.The contracts are cash settled based on the closing price of S&P NIFTY index as on 6:00pm Singapore time or 3:30 pm Indian Time. The closing price of nifty index is based on the 


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  4. This is the best post on nifty trading I've seen! (and not just cuz I got a nod, either) I especially love the last point made

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