5 July 2013

Why does Murthy need to come back

 Infosys has always done well under a charismatic strong leader. Murthy has been one. He is a business icon and a man of great intellect with a proven track record. His absence is being felt by the company.  NR Narayana Murthy hastremendous team leadership and a dream team. He retired at the age of 60 and took complete retirement at the age of 65 and at 67, he has come back. This shows how weak the organisation is.One of the issues is that the Infosys strategy was not detailed enough. Second, in the last two years the company did not have a proper management structure in place. Obviously, in the last two years the company has shown indifferent growth and the strategy has not been executed well. Until Murthy retired, Infosys understood the market better than anybody else. Now, there are inconsistencies in its communication...
To me there is a four-point solution. First, Murthy has to return to the board again but as a mentor, with a specific task to remould leadership. Second, the company must have a new CEO-COO team to rebuild faith among customers, investors and employees. Third, the new team should be given adequate freedom to rework the strategy and go for growth. Fourth, there is also a need for change in the board composition with the induction of fresh blood.

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