17 August 2013


Buy Nifty 5500 put @89 tg 149,179 sl 59
 The SGX Aug Nifty has also been suffering it witnessed the down fall last Friday and ended   at 5507.Initially, if things pan out the way they are now, we need to watch out for the support level of 5500. This is an important support level for the day. However, so long as the Nifty does not fall below the demand range between 5500 we need not worry so much for it would still retain the ability to post a bounce back...
On the way up, if the Nifty manages to get past 5680 again this session on good buying support just as it had been getting over the last couple of sessions, we can expect resistance to come in between 5700 and 5750 range . Our outlook is given more on a tentative note these days is more due to the uncertain nature of market swings and to help you prepare for any eventuality during this phase of volatility.
 RESISTANCE:5500, 5580,5650

SUPPORT:     5500, 5480,5450

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  1. And I totally agree with your nifty trading outlook .thanks for updating it regularly .i have book marked it in my list.