28 September 2013


Sell ICICI bank future below 925 tg 911 sl 936
Buy Reliance future above 855 tg 869 sl 842
We are looking at an essentially a flat to marginally positive opening on Monday.
The Nifty is still in a narrow band the boundaries of the band are located at 5860 and 5910. Only if you find either of these two levels are decisively taken out we would see some kind of a directional swing. When we say the boundaries being decisively taken out, we mean a sustained campaign above 5940 or extended period of price movement below the 5850-level for the day....
The downside confirmatory level close to 5850 is a well-known support level.
Unless the narrow band boundaries, mentioned above, are taken out decisively on either side, we are not taking any directional call on the market.
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RESISTANCE:5880, 5910,5950
SUPPORT:     5860, 5820,5790


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