25 September 2013


Sell Reliance future below 845 tg 838 ,831 sl 853
Buy Axis Bank future above 1045 tg 1064 ,1072 sl 1028
As we have predicted nifty witnessed weakness today.The level of 5880 acted good support .The high it made today was 5905 and low of 5815.
Tomorrow the expiry of sep option series we expect a flat note. Index would move up provided it manages to get past the range between 5890 and 5920 levels. This is the first test of the bulls for the gumption they can bring in....
Going beyond that the next supply zone that the bulls would need to clear is located between 5920 and 5940. On the downside, unless it falls below the most critical support for the day between 5860 and 5840, it is unlikely to dip down rather using this zone as a floor, the bulls would try to pull up the market again even if it were to face profit taking initially.
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RESISTANCE:5880, 5910,5950

SUPPORT:     5860, 5820,5790


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  2. I think this article is really helpful especially for someone like me. I read the whole article and I printed it for reference for later on.

  3. Great trade tips! Thanks for posting! Just be careful about nifty trend because we follow it