30 June 2014


when someone buys & sells a financial instrument or vice versa on a same day it is termed as intraday trading. Many people around the world do intraday trading to earn quick money. This is not a real investment rather it is just moving your money in stocks or futures to gain profit out of market fluctuations. An experienced day trader can predict the price movement of the instrument by either reading technical charts or by acting on news about. But not every day trader is an experienced technical chart reader or knows exact inside news beforetime. Thus they should take help of advisers to be their guide for profitable trades.
Some Tips for Intraday Trading:-
Intraday traders must use following strategies and intraday tips to minimize losses & maximize profits.
v  Decide your trading amount for every trade, it should always remain constant. Never change your trading amount for every trade. Go by the amount of trading and not by the quantity. Quantity should be decided by amount of investment.
v  Never invest more than 3-4% of your total portfolio amount in a single trade.
v  Always use stop-loss while doing intraday trading.
v  Take a loss wherever necessary. This helps you protect your money for further losses remember we said use stop loss.
v  Similarly always have exit strategy or exit levels. Do not wait for more profit than your initial plan. It can turn into a loss trade if you over trade or be more greedy than you should.
v  If you are trading on intraday trading tips such as provided by us. In that case you should follow all the calls strictly. Take provide at the levels given or book loss at the stop-loss.
v  Intraday is intraday and you should not carry trade over to next day. Unless otherwise specified by your analyst.
v  Always trade in high volume stocks
v  If you are following our calls we suggest you to trade in our every given tips. You should divide your money such that you are able to trade on every single tip we give. This is to get best possible profit from intraday trading. If you trade only in one tip out of 3-4 tips which we normally give, you can be in a loss if only that tip hit the stop-loss while others reach their targets.
v  Never trade with emotions, always trade with your mind.
v  Never average a losing trade.
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